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Fight High Gas Prices: Ways to Curb Fuel Consumption

The rising cost of fuel remains one of the biggest concerns for today’s motorists. Due to the fact that gas prices are expected to remain high, drivers must find innovative ways to get better gas mileage. Here are a few proven ways to curb a vehicle’s fuel consumption. Lower highway speeds Studies have shown that most vehicles get significantly worse gas mileage when traveling in excess of 60 … [Read more...]

Outdoors Yoga Sounds Fun To Me

pink yoga capris

As a mother I am a huge fan of yoga pants. I have so many pairs that one would think I was a yoga addict. And while I am currently not, it doesn’t mean that I don’t wish to be. To me Yoga looks like an activity of grace and poise that I am dying to learn about. With great yoga mats it can be done anywhere, even in the beauty of the outdoors. I can imagine doing a yoga class outdoors in the … [Read more...]

The Fun of Wearing Leggings

aztec leggings

In my life I always want my fashion choices to be both comfortable and fashionable. With my lifestyle of being a mom that works outside of the home it is a must. One of my fashion staples is printed leggings. And these are my top choice since I can’t wear jogger pants to work every day. If only that was acceptable right? I would be the most relaxed worker ever. I would either bring a lot of energy … [Read more...]

The Perfect ‘Me’ Space


Everyone needs a ‘Me’ space. It’s important for people to have a place they can run off to and shut themselves away for an hour or two whilst they recuperate. This way you can emerge bright and shiny to face the kids, work, chores, and other aspects of your busy lives. I believe I may have an answer to your troubles: A Garden Studio. These garden studios are great as they are put up in your garden … [Read more...]

Top 3 things to do online when the kids have gone to bed

After working all day, many adults simply don’t have enough energy to go out for the evening. Even though they need to relax and have some enjoyment in life, they are just too tired. However, a popular trend today is to enjoy an evening with your spouse without leaving home. There are staycations so why not stay dates? After the kids go to bed, spending the remaining time enjoy various activities … [Read more...]

Woman Poets Through the Ages

Poetry is a beautiful way for people to express their thoughts and feelings about life, nature, and other topics they may deem important. It uses rhythmic and aesthetic language to bring meaning to these topics. Poetry has a very long history and many poems that were written centuries ago are still analyzed and beloved today. The following are some female poets through the ages whose works still … [Read more...]

How to get interested in the Soccer World Cup

In the U.S., The soccer World Cup barely registers on the Richter scale. But for the rest of the planet, it’s the biggest deal of all – bigger, even, than the Olympic Games in terms of worldwide TV audiences. So if you happen to have to take an interest in the event because your other half is really keen – what’s girl to do? Well the easiest way we’ve found so far to take a really close eye … [Read more...] just because I love perfume

coach poppy flower

Sometimes when I look at my perfume collection, I feel like I just might be a addict. My favorites are usually sweet smells and I love to make sure that I smell great. I love scents such as Coach Poppy Flower. I just love the way it smells. I really like the whimsical scent of this perfume. It's fun like I like to be and the hint of citrus makes me smile. Really who doesn't love whimsy and … [Read more...]

Attending Church in Bad Weather

Do you feel like church is a big part of your life? Perhaps you have been going once a week for as long as you can remember, ever since you were a young child, and you cannot imagine giving it up. Your faith gives you the strength that you need to take on the challenges in your life and it allows you to focus on something that is bigger than yourself. It helps you see the world in a positive … [Read more...]

Prom Season is fast upon us.

Spring, I hope is fast upon us. For most of us anyway. And with spring comes prom time! And with prom comes the mission to find the most perfect prom dress ever. I know when I was getting ready from prom when I was a teen that it took forever. Then again we didn't have awesome online stores when I was in high school to find the right dress. Today though there are great stores like … [Read more...]