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Archives for May 2013

Looking for signs of pests

I have never really been a person that has been afraid of pests like roaches, rats or even spiders. I have always been the type of person that when I saw one I would take care of it and make sure that there were no more where that pest came from. Now days though I have to watch for signs of a pest infestation more carefully. My youngest son is super afraid of spiders so we have to be careful of … [Read more...]

Getting Smooth for the Summer with Nair Hair Removal! #NairSummer #sp

I have been a fan of Nair for years. Like since I was a teenager and discovered how much shaving is not really fun. But of course it is all necessary if you want to have nice and smooth legs for the summer. I know, I do. Don't you? Well I recently tried a couple of new hair removal products from Nair to get ready for the summer. The first new product from Nair that I tried was the Nair … [Read more...]