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Archives for June 2013

Who is your Book Boyfriend this Summer?

Haven't found you Summer Book Boyfriend or Crush yet? Let me help. Check out the awesome Summer Book Crush Promotion so that you can find yours. Awesome, right?  And I am even more excited because my new book Blood Pact is one of the ones featured in this awesome promotion. So look for it any many others. Hot sun, hot sand, cool drinks, dark tans. Ahhhh. But your summer won’t be complete until … [Read more...]

Get Your Finances On Track

Get Your Finances on Track with a Balance Transfer Getting your family’s finances on track can be an uphill battle, especially if you are dealing with debt from multiple credit cards. Consolidating all of your credit cards payments into one by transferring the balances to a single card can help you get a better handle on your finances. Once you get a handle on your family’s finances, you and … [Read more...]

Are you a spender or a debtor? Find the right credit card for you

Are you a spender or a debtor? Find the right credit card for you   When the time comes to get a new credit card, the one thing you really just do is research the market thoroughly. You not only need to be looking for the best deals and the lowest interest rates when you compare credit cards, but you also need to find the credit cards that are right for you. Some people seem to think … [Read more...]

Stroller Shopping with Jané

It has been a while since I bought my sons first stroller. I remember it being somewhat stressful and a chore because I was a young mother and was not sure about what kind to get or what style. And with strollers believe me there are a lot of options. And do not even get me started on buying a double stroller when my second son was born. I firmly believe when shopping for strollers that it is … [Read more...]

Renting Textbooks = Good Idea

I am a mom and a student and I can't afford to buy every single text book that I need. It would cost me a fortune if I were to do. Especially with the fact that I am a literature minor and have to buy all kinds of books. So the option of renting my textbook is perfect for me. It saves me money and with a college students budget that it always important. Using is a great idea … [Read more...]

Connecting Your Home

Can you remember a time without high speed internet or with 100+ channels? Yeah me either, except for maybe when I was ten. It seems like high speed internet and having all of the channels has always been at our fingertips. I really even think my son knew how to work the dvr before he could even read. Now he is 11 and organizing raids on online video games. Of course with my supervision. I have … [Read more...]