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Archives for October 2013

Thinking about getting a morgage?

Most people have three big dreams: family, financial stability and of course their own home. These things are what most people want out of life. And sometimes they come in different orders but really the order is financial stability a home and then finally a family to fill the home with. So after you struggle through college and get that awesome job that allows you to travel and buy your dream … [Read more...]

Looking to diet?

For many years I have a love hate relationship with my weight. Sometimes I am perfectly okay with my weight and the very next day I am depressed by it and would like to crawl under a rock. I really think a lot of it has to do with female. But that is just me. I have also tried many different things to get to a weight that makes me happy. That is a chore in and of itself. There are so many things … [Read more...]

Hey college students! Save by renting text books

I am a single mom and a college student both so I know how important it is to save as much as I can on textbooks. Because let's be honest most average college student do not have a huge budget. With students can save 40-90% off of book store prices. Awesome, right? They also offer free shipping both ways and unlike other rental places you are able to highlight inside of the … [Read more...]

Selling Online?

No matter what kind of online business you have, there are a few characteristics that are apparent in all successful companies. These characteristics are especially important for small businesses that do not have the money to cover mistakes with apologies and marketing campaigns. First, most of the small businesses that are online and successful have a niche. It is becoming increasingly more … [Read more...]

E Cigs Socially Acceptable

We all know that smoking is an expensive habit, and it is one of the biggest reasons that most people quit is because of the cost. Electronic cigarettes are a less expensive alternative to regular cigarettes. For example the average smoker will spend around $2190 dollars a year on smoking. While e cigs can cost the consumer on average around $1049.39 dollars. That is a huge savings and electronic … [Read more...]

Advancing your nursing career

Advance your nursing career by advancing from RN to MSN and moving into management positions. You can still have contact with the patients, but you’ll also be in a better position to effect meaningful change and help improve the quality of care in your facility. You may have dreamed of going back to school for this degree but decided that you didn’t have time. Maybe you’ve even considered online … [Read more...]