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Archives for November 2013

Family Friendly Home Design

When it comes to designing the perfect family friend room, there are a few things to take into consideration. From furniture to flooring, what you add to your room should be versatile and family friends. Carpet is soft and perfect for homes with children, as the plush and soft qualities of carpet make it a great flooring choice in instances where newly mobile toddlers take a tumble, but carpet is … [Read more...]

Saving on Cyber Monday

After the craziness of Black Friday I think that most of us are looking forward to the relative easy of shopping on Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday Sales are my favorite because you don't even have to get dressed or leave your home. The best way to find deals on Cyber Monday is to visit and check out all of the sites they have listed for deals and coupon codes. I also like to … [Read more...]

Business owners looking to enhance your blog?

Business owners and those who are looking to enhance their blogs may want to take a look at the services has to offer. The website provides the tools that people need to create their website and will manage the page to ensure that the site stays in the best condition. This website promotion and creation company also helps companies to establish more of a presence on Facebook. This … [Read more...]

Twice a Bridesmaid

In the last year I have been a bridesmaid not just once but twice. And truthfully I didn't mind being a bridesmaid, but one thing about it drove me crazy. And it wasn't the time involved, the money, having to help decorate but finding my dresses. It was hard work. I really wish I would have found a one stop dress site like DressFirst to make my shopping easier. Did I mention how hard it is to find … [Read more...]

Christmas is coming up fast

It seems to me that 2013 has passed by in the blink of an eye. It is now November and Thanksgiving is in a few short weeks and that mean Christmas is only just around the corner. But it really feels like we were just last week celebrating New Years, and now all of the stores have already whipped out Christmas decorations and their hot gift lists for this year. It makes me feel like I am already … [Read more...]

Heading to the Islands: Packing Tips

If you’re heading to a tropical destination, you’ll want to make sure you pack everything that you need, from clothing to sunscreen. To avoid forgetting something important, don’t leave packing to the last minute, and follow these smart tips.Make a list of everything you want to take with you. At this point, don’t worry about over-packing. Write down everything that you want to take and what you … [Read more...]