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Archives for December 2013

Christmas in the Trenches on Sprit Clips Review

“Christmas in the Trenches” is a short film on the SpiritClips Service about a moment of peace and humanity during World War I in Christmas of 1914. In the heartwarming short soldiers across the trenches on the western front start singing Christmas songs to one another and unite for a moment of holiday love. The short film makes you feel good about humanity and shows the true spirit of peace and … [Read more...]

Should You Be Worried About Your Kids Starting to Use E-Cigs?

There’s been a lot of attention on e-cigarettes recently, and much of this takes the form of concern about growing e-cigarette use by children. Emotions run high, and since some kids manage to get their hands on cigarettes, it’s only plausible to worry that they may get their hands on e-cigarettes too. A widely-cited source of evidence on this topic is a survey conducted by the CDC, which found … [Read more...]

Get involved in a UK Christmas tradition this year

The day after Christmas Day, we all go shopping; it’s one of our traditions. But this year, why not ring the changes and do something different instead? The shops will still have things to sell the next day, and the days and weeks after that. Instead, why not get involved in one of the great UK Boxing Day traditions instead – and watch the King George VI chase online or on the TV? The King … [Read more...]