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Archives for April 2014

How to get interested in the Soccer World Cup

In the U.S., The soccer World Cup barely registers on the Richter scale. But for the rest of the planet, it’s the biggest deal of all – bigger, even, than the Olympic Games in terms of worldwide TV audiences. So if you happen to have to take an interest in the event because your other half is really keen – what’s girl to do? Well the easiest way we’ve found so far to take a really close eye … [Read more...] just because I love perfume

Sometimes when I look at my perfume collection, I feel like I just might be a addict. My favorites are usually sweet smells and I love to make sure that I smell great. I love scents such as Coach Poppy Flower. I just love the way it smells. I really like the whimsical scent of this perfume. It's fun like I like to be and the hint of citrus makes me smile. Really who doesn't love whimsy and … [Read more...]