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5 Clothing Items Never To Buy Retail

Retail is the world’s largest business—buying items at a low wholesale price and reselling them at a higher price is what turned Sam Walton into one of the wealthiest men of all time. There is never a shortage of people willing to make a profit by providing items at a convenience. In fact, buying retail is by far the easiest way to acquire any items in a consumerist society. However, there are a few items that you should never buy at retail price; for fear that you are essentially just throwing away free money.


Jackets of all kinds are absolutely essential to almost any wardrobe. However, they can retail for astronomical prices. Neat blazers and flirty jean jackets routinely sell for over $100 at retail stores, and whether you feel this is a fair price for quality work or not, owning several jackets can add up. Fortunately, most thrift stores have a fantastic selection of jackets from previous owners who wore the items gently, if at all. You will almost always be able to find a great jacket at a price of under $10 if you’re willing to shop at a thrift store.


At any one time of year, some kind of shoe is on sale. Shoes can be so expensive that stores have to have great sales in order to get people in the doors. However, unless you’re rolling in money, you’ll want to avoid paying retail price, as shoes are a traditionally up-marked item. Unless you’re buying hand-crafted Italian leather, there’s no reason to pay full price when stores have deals on shoes for much less all the time. Crocs in particular run coupons that make their shoes much less expensive.  Crocs can be pretty pricy, but coupons are so common that perhaps you have already discovered these coupons from Crocs yourself.


Not every belt comes in every size, but every belt looks good on at least someone. Once you find a great classic belt, you’ll have a fantastic addition to your wardrobe that makes any outfit look more put-together and classy. Best of all, belts of all kinds are available at thrift stores and swap meets for almost nothing.

Little Black Dresses

They say that every woman needs a little black dress in her closet, but even that classic standby can change over time. What looked great a few years ago might not be perfect 20 pounds later and with a brand new hair color. Even if the dress hasn’t been worn often, it’ll probably go to the thrift store instead of being thrown away, waiting to be discovered by a bargain hunter who doesn’t mind gently used clothing.


Most of the jeans at thrift and consignment shops are utterly hideous. However, some of them can be a surprisingly good fit. The reason there are so many fantastic pairs of jeans sitting on the rack at thrift shops for under $5 is because people don’t want to look through dozens of terrible pairs to find them. If you want to put in the effort, you can save a bundle on jeans.

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