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5 Of My Favorite YA (Young Adult) Books I Love – On My Bookshelf

Some of the books on my list I read years ago (when I was technically a young adult) some even more recent than that. One thing is for certain though, is that my taste in books has not changed much at all. I still prefer my books to have some kind of horror, supernatural, fantasy and even a little romance in them. What can I say? I am set in my ways and that is just how I like books, though I am honestly open to try any book.

Here are some of my favorite Young Adult Books:

  1. The Vampire Diaries, long before Edward there was Stefan and Damon and I read all about them when I was a teenager a little over 15 years ago. This is still a Young Adult Book that I love, I think that I was around 15 years old when I randomly picked up the first book at a bookstore (because at that time before kids and responsibilities, I spent all of my money on books and shoes). I was immediately hooked and proceeded to devour all 4 of the books as soon as I could get my hands on them. And while the television series has made them popular and brought them a lot of attention and I do like it, but like they always say the books are always better.
  2. Flowers in the Attic , has to be one of my most favorite books ever. I read it as a teenager after seeing it on a shelf or in a box in my parents house for years (I was told I didn’t need to read it when I was younger, and honestly hat was very true). Granted this book isn’t for the extremely young, I do think I read it around 13 or so. From the moment I opened this book I was hooked on the lives of the Dollangangers and what would happen to the four children locked in the attic by their grandmother and even worse their own mother (as a mother myself these days I could not even imagine doing that to my own children). After I read this book I read the others in the series and actually went through and read every book with the name V. C. Andrews on it, well prior to about 10 years ago since she had passed away (in the 80s I believe) and the ghostwriters were not doing as well as they previously were. Other favorites of mine by V. C. Andrews were Heaven and My Sweet Audrina (though I think for some young adults these books may be a bit much but that is just my warning).
  3. Twilight, there is so not much I can say about this book (or series) we have all read them nearly. Mom’s and their young adult daughters alike love these books and the movies too! I will admit this tidbit though, I have not finished Breaking Dawn! I know condemn me now, I think I have about 100 or so pages left and for some reason just don’t want it to end. Though I will be sitting down and finishing it prior to the two parts of Breaking Dawn coming out in theaters.

  4. On Fortune’s Wheel, is a book that when I was in high school (or maybe junior high) that I just randomly checked out of the library. It is by Cynthia Voigt who I am sure most of you have read books by when we were young such as Dicey’s Song, for example. I think what I loved the most about this book was the setting, the adventure and the romance that develops. This book is about a young girl who the night before she is set to marry a man (she actually does not want to) inadvertently runs away with a young nobleman who she thought was trying to steal her father’s boat. Through the book they face hardships of even starvation and slavery before they, you know what never mind I will not say, because I suggest reading it and I wouldn’t want to give away the story.
  5. Vampire Academy , this is a more recent find for me. The book is only about 2 years old (I think) but I first picked it up back in January. And while it is not the best book out there I have to say that I was immediately hooked. I loved reading about the adventures of Rose and can honestly that if they make a movie based on these books, Edward has nothing on Dimitri. Vampire Academy is definitely an original story though and not one that we have all read 100 times or more.

These are just a few of my favorite young adult books, I think I could write post after post about them all (I used to read a lot and still do). I hope some of you check out some of these books and enjoy them and then tell me what you think about them!

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  1. I love V.C. Andrews!

  2. I remember reading V.C. Andrews back when I was in high school… loved them.

  3. Rubbish. Twilight is for the weak.

  4. I’m digging your list

  5. All of the books are pretty good but i personally like Twilight as their is a series of films also based on this book but after seeing your list i will also try to read other books that you have suggested.

  6. Title of this should be “5 Of My Favorite GYA (Goth Young Adult) Books I Love – On My Bookshelf” Maybe EYA, Emo Young Adult. You really can’t find anything much other than Vampire books? With the wealth of quality YA literature out there, I find your list severely lacking.

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