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Life With Sharon is the unfortunate and often abused brain-child of Sharon and as the name suggests it focuses on her life or what there is of that messy thing she calls a life. As well as her kids and all the crazy fun she has with them.

Sharon is also a mom and aspires to be a number of things, amongst them include a ninja, a vampire slayer, a youtube star, and a novelist.  However in case those don’t work out she is working on finishing her college degree to be a math teacher. But she is totally banking on the ninja thing, because quote “they are the coolest ever!”

Sharon also has many interests and hobbies that in case you would like her showcase your item or your company. They include books, scrapbooking, blogging (of course), video games, skulls or just items with skulls on them in general, working out with her WiiFit, knee high socks, and most importantly ninja weapons.

So when Sharon is not taking care of her children, or preparing for the impending Zombie Apocalypse (it is so gonna happen), you can mostly find her here, on facebook or twitter, where she would love to follow you back!