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Life List

  1. Randomly fly somewhere.
  2. Lose 40 – 50 pounds.
  3. Finish my college degree.
  4. Take kids to Disney.
  5. Learn to speak Spanish.
  6. Learn to speak French.
  7. Learn to play an instrument.
  8. Go on a cross country road trip with Wes and Hal when they are teenagers.
  9. Take yoga classes.
  10. Produce a webshow.
  11. Travel Europe.
  12. Visit Japan.
  13. Grow my hair past mid back.
  14. Learn to surf.
  15. Write a fiction book and get it published.
  16. Write a non-fiction book.
  17. Get professionally bleach blond hair.
  18. Keep said blond hair for a year.
  19. Write a song or show someone the past things I have written.
  20. Mardi Gras in New Orleans with Christina and Donnell
  21. Visit Australia
  22. Get inside of left wrist tattoo that I have planned.
  23. Get 1940s style pin-up pictures taken (the kind with cute bathing suits and cool hair styles) after weight loss.
  24. Have my dream wedding, if I ever get remarried.
  25. Be successful as a parent.