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All In The Design

When customers look at a menu, one of the first things that will likely grab their attention is the cover. You want to create a design that is memorable and that features all of the information about the restaurant. A few design hacks can come in handy when completing menu covers so that you have the best look possible.

Most customers will quickly scan a menu instead of focusing on one area. This is why you want to deliver a solid first impression right from the beginning. Include a few pictures o some of the most popular items that are served. If you only have one page for the menu, make sure the information is organized so that it’s easy to read. Most people read from left to right when they look at a menu, just like they would with a book. Place the best dishes on the left side so that they are seen first.

If you don’t have to worry about a budget, consider creating a menu cover that can be changed on a regular basis so that prominent dishes can be displayed on a changing basis. Choose colors and fonts that will stand out without looking too comical unless there is a fun appearance for the restaurant. Shaded boxes are a idea that can sometimes divert the attention to one area over others. Ribbons on the front of the menu can highlight daily deals as well as any monthly specials that you might offer.

There are a few colors that you can use that have been known to trigger the appetite of customers. These are red and blue. Bold words that are red in color can sometimes send a signal to the brain that someone is hungry. Highlight the menu with blue details, such as lines and stars. You can also use red as an accent color with black or gray. When you create the cover, leave a little to be desired on the inside. Don’t give away all of the information about a dish or the prices of the dish as it might not make the customer look on the inside.

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