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Bacon goes with everything….or it should

Besides anything with buffalo sauce one of my favorite things is bacon. Truthfully I don’t think I like chocolate more than bacon. And before anyone says anything about arteries getting clogged or weight. I will stop you and say that I mostly make turkey bacon. It is ALMOST as good as the real stuff.

Anyway one of my favorite things to make is bacon in scalloped potatoes. It is so yum and the kids loved and basically all you do is cook the bacon and mix it into the potatoes and then bake the potatoes.

I will also add that the kids love it so much that there are never any left overs. It is always gone fairly quickly.

Another dish with bacon that we tried recently was Bacon Wrapped Green Beans. This was another dish that the kids loved and we will have to have again. It was also very easy and of course there were no left overs.

So ignore my slightly blurry photo, I was quivering from the excitement of eating bacon.

What can I say? Bacon is awesome. What are your favorite bacon dishes?

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