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Benefits of Putting Up a Fake Christmas Tree

In your memory, childhood Christmases were always accompanied by the scent of a fresh tree that your dad cut down himself. In reality, though, your adult life doesn’t have time for any extra “To Do” list items. Don’t feel guilty about getting a fake tree this year! There are plenty of perks to having a faux tree.

1. You only have to pay for a fake tree once, which beats paying $50 or more for a real tree every single year. Fake trees last for several years, so it’ll be awhile before you have to replace it.

2. In theory, heading to a Christmas tree farm sounds like the perfect winter day, but in reality, it can be freezing out! If you’re much more interested in curling up under fleece blankets during the holidays, having a fake tree means you’ll only have to bring it up from the basement instead of braving the weather.

3. When it comes to Christmas trees, there’s no easier upkeep than with a fake one. You don’t have to vacuum pine needles every day and you don’t have to worry about watering it to prevent it from drying out.

4. A fake Christmas tree will always look perfect! If you’ve ever bought a real tree, you know that it may look great in nature or on the lot, but once you get it home, you’ll likely notice a big gap in branches or the fact that it droops to one side. Fake trees, on the other hand, look perfect every year.

5. If you have the storage space, you may not even need to take your fake tree apart every year once the holidays are over. Better yet, you can leave it decorated! What’s better than a Christmas season that doesn’t include annoying tangle lights?

6. After the holiday season, you may experience a rush when it comes to your business – January is a huge month for entrepreneurs! If you don’t get around to taking down your tree for a few weeks, you don’t have to worry about it drying out or looking crummy in your living room. Just get around to taking it down when you have the time!

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