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Best Ways to Get Increased Interest in Your Self Published Books

Once you venture into the world of self publishing, you have to take on many different roles. One of the most important things you can do is to increase your audience and establish your writing platform. All of this comes down to increasing interest in the books that you write. At one point, it was difficult for self published writers to get the word out. That’s why a number of originally self published authors such as Mark Twain and Sylvia Plath eventually turned to traditional publishing houses. But with social media and numerous online marketing options, you don’t have to turn to a traditional publisher to get the interest going on your newest books.

The keys to getting increased interest in your books lies with what you do. Books all benefit from increased height. In fact, think about the last time that you read a book. You probably found it because someone mentioned it or you heard something about it on a social media site or from your friends. You can do the same thing to increase your book’s interests.

Avoid Blatant Promotions

First, you need to make sure that you don’t use blatant promotions on social media sites. While these can be effective in some cases, generally they turn potential readers off. Some writers even go so far as to set up automatic client postings that go to Facebook and Twitter and tell people to “buy my book” or “check out my book now!” Instead, get people to follow your Facebook and Twitter feeds by providing valuable information for them. Consider who your target market is and start to put content out there that they might be interested in reading. Fromtime to time, you can post your promotions. But these should be few and far between. Ideally, you should put out five to ten non-promotional post for everyone to put out.

Get the Conversation Going

To buy book one of the things that social media is great about is getting conversation started. Focus on Google+, LinkedIn, and Facebook for creating the most effective conversations. To really get the conversation started, find a point in your book that you want people to discuss. Then ask the question. To get the maximum responses, you’ll want to have the question at the beginning, followed by any text that’s necessary for them to read to get the context.

Share Things of Interest to Your Target Audience

Don’t feel like you have to be responsible for all of the original content that goes up on your social media sites. You can create interest in your self published books just by providing items of value to your audience. So do your other writing friends and other professionals a favor and links of their work. Whenever you find an article or video or something that looks like it could work for your target audience, take the time to share it. Give a little introduction on the link so that they understand the context, and there you have an effective non promotional post.

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