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Blog Design Tips For Reader Friendliness

If you are like me you might currently have a case of Blogher envy. I know I kind of do, but that is okay. Myself and a group of bloggers have teamed up through Blog Conference Newbie to offer a more affordable and more relaxing option to getting out of the house and traveling to Blogher. Between all of us there are over 25 different sessions to check out. Welcome to my little session "Blog … [Read more...]

A New Design

I have decided that I was going to make a few changes around here, and while it isn't the most fancy design. It is me. I like the simplicity of the header and love the ease of Genesis Them Framework and the Prose Child Theme that I am running now. Hopefully I will decide to stick with this one a while. But I honestly can't brag enough about the Prose theme, it is so crazy easy to use and I love … [Read more...]

Plugin of The Week #7 – Wickett Twitter Widget

Having your latest tweets displayed on your blog can help keep your readers up to date with the latest goings on. Of course when there isn't time to blog it. And while there are many different Twitter Widget Plugins out there the  Wickett Twitter Widget is a great one for this. Also the plugin allows users to optionally block out re-tweets and @replies from your displayed tweets. Very easy … [Read more...]

Plugin of the Week #6 – CommentLuv

CommentLuv has to be one of my most favorite Wordpress plugins because it gives love or "luv" to your commenters by  linking their latest post under their comment. It is great for the person leaving the comment because they get a link out to their latest blog post. And it is also good for the blog owner because of the same thing. Easy to find the commenters latest post to leave a reciprocal … [Read more...]

Plugin of The Week #5 – LinkWithin

When I was on bogger what seemed like forever ago I always loved seeing all of the related posts plugins that most on Wordpress blogs had. And that was one of the things I had to have when I made the switch over. So I switched and went through tons of related posts plugins until I was blog hopping one day and saw the LinkWithin plugin on another blog. It had been exactly what I was looking … [Read more...]

Plugin of the Week #4 – Maintenance Mode

Ever make a mess out of your blog when your changing things around? And you totally don't want your readers and the world to see? With the Maintenance Mode Plugin you can keep your messy mistakes secret and provide your visitors with a custom message letting them know when you will be back. I love this plugin because I like to change things around quite a bit and sometimes I may make a … [Read more...]

Plugin of The Week #3 – What Would Seth Godin Do

Ever want to display a custom greeting on posts to new visitors or ever your regular visitors? Well the 'What Would Seth Godin Do' plugin does just that. I was encouraged to use it to acquire more feed subscribers to my blog's feeds. And it actually helped with just that. And after someone has visited a few times you can change the message to not appear to a different customer message for … [Read more...]

Plugin of the Week #2 – Shockingly Simple Favicon

Welcome if you haven't been before to my series where I document each week a different Wordpress Plugin that I find useful. To keep track of all of the plugins I talk about please be sure to subscribe for updates. Most premium Wordpress themes granted have a favicon option or a favicon built in that can be edited.  But lets face it not all themes are premium or have a feature built into … [Read more...]

Pardon My Dust!

I know I change a lot but I have decided to change overall themes and currently tweaking everything. So please forgive me for everything that is missing while I get everything in order. This was one of the things that I wanted to do for 2011. So while I get it all fixed up I hope you can find what your looking for. Happy New Year! … [Read more...]

Plugin of the Week #1 – Smart Ads

Welcome to my new series where I document each week a different Wordpress Plugin that I find useful. To keep track of all of the plugins I talk about please be sure to subscribe for updates. This week I would like to spotlight the Smart Ads plugin. This plugin is used to automatically place ads before and after your blog posts. This makes it easy to monetize your blog without having to … [Read more...]