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My Tips for Bedtime!

In the past I have struggled in getting my children to go to sleep on time. It has been a huge issue for me and source of stress so I have tried numerous different methods to get them to sleep on time. Though sometimes we slip up on holidays and the weekend and stay up later in order to sleep in and stuff like that. Some of the methods that have worked is giving them a huge filling dinner, full … [Read more...]

Why I Need a Bedroom Makeover

I have been thinking about it and going over it in my head about how I need to change this room.  First off it is red!  It was a great idea at the time but afterwards we could not find anything to match.  Right now my sheets and curtains are all shades of blue and green mostly and do not match.  I also have no headboard on my bed just a frame and the mattresses and I have been dying for a "read … [Read more...]

Favorite Holiday Drink…

With the holiday's coming up you start to think of all things that you like about the holidays. While I enjoy my hot chocolate this time of year with a candy cane in it, because I can't resist peppermint and chocolate together at all, it is a weakness. My favorite "adult" holiday beverage would be Wassail, it tastes good and it makes the house smell so good. It also has my favorite alcohol in it … [Read more...]

My First Ever Contest

I have never hosted a contest before so here goes!   Maybe this will be the first of many to come!  I know its not much but all you have to do is leave a comment and I will draw a name.   The winner will receive 1000 EC credits! It will run from 2/05/09 - 2/11/09  so from Thursday(tomorrow) till next Wednesday. All you have to do is leave a comment and I will comment you back letting you know … [Read more...]

Awesome Christmas Giveaway

Blog About Your Blog is holding a contest right before Christmas to give 3 lucky winners $100 dollars each. The contest is sponsored by NeverBlueAds and they are giving away a number of diffrent prizes such as:First-Third Place 100$ Winners from NeverBlueAdsFourth Place Website Review on this blog by Adsense TrackerFifth Place 25$ from Blogging4EveryoneSixth Place Website Review from … [Read more...]