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Fitness goals

Since 2012 started one of my biggest themes of the year has been to get my body into shape and to make myself more healthy. And honestly in my mind I have hit these goals running. Well not literally running because truthfully I have never been much of a runner if it was anywhere but a soccer field. However my new outlook on fitness has got me into looking at all kinds of different fitness … [Read more...]

If The Average Size Woman Is A Size 14

Then why do I still feel fat at a size 10? I did do a search and came up with that information from several different sources.  I honestly didn't think a size 14 was the size of the average American woman. I was sure it was closer to my own size. However reading that does not take me away from my goals to lose weight and get into better shape. I ultimately think my goal is to lose around 30-40 … [Read more...]

Sort of a fitness update and a vlog

I am so sorry but seriously I have been mega lazy about working out. I know, I know I better get busy with it. I have made a few goals and am going to try and stick to them like crazy. And these are not just fitness goals these are also life goals and blog/video goals. So watch my outdoorsy walking video that it on a nearby dirt road, and hear me complain about litter and talk about recent music. … [Read more...]

Fitness Update #2 {A Little Too Much Information}

So I have done really good about working out except the last two days. And I promise there is a perfectly good explanation for not. Because seriously who ever feels like working out when it is that time of the month? Ok now that is my bit of too much information. I have not gotten around to taking those measurements due to being bloated up like I am pregnant. Which at this point in the game … [Read more...]

Fitness Update #1

I don't have any numbers yet to share. I will get those up in a day or two. But I have to say I have worked out my ass off. And I totally literally hope that I am working it off. I am going to step up a little more hardcore but to start with I started doing the Wii Fit Plus Free Step Aerobics. I did them in 30 minute increments while just watching my regular TV shows. I so love how you can … [Read more...]

Fitness Inspiration?

I have been in a funk lately where I have thought quite a bit about working out and breaking out my Wii Fit and EA Sports active and getting back to it. But just haven't done it yet. Well it is just funny how the inspiration to workout comes from the most unlikely of sources. Well I mine have come from this: Yep it has came from getting a new silicone cover for my Wii balance board on … [Read more...]

I Am Putting It Out There

I have had both the Wii Fit and the EA Sports Active since both of their release dates.  But I have been so lazy about it.  I am really wanting to loose my weight and trim up.  It has been something bothering me for a long time, yet I continue to make excuses and put it off or stop something because something comes up and I lose track of it.  So I am putting my weight out there and it is my … [Read more...]

Wii Fit Fitness Journal

I was one of the crazy people who actually went out and bought the Wii Fit the morning it came out, I had been dying for one since I had read about it.  Well I have bee kind of lazy about using it actually when I logged on this morning I hadn't used in 26 days, yikes I know.  Well I am determined to lose this weight that I have gained since going back to working in call centers and at home 2 years … [Read more...]