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Random Tuesday Thoughts – Don’t Know Where To Start

It has been a long and surreal week so far. One of the highlights is I will be going back to college in the very near future to finish my teaching degree. That is so exciting to me and I can't wait to get started. But to make this happen I no longer have a job and it will be ok. It gives me more time to build my blog and to attend school. So it will all work out and be for the … [Read more...]

Hard to believe he is 9 now!

Today my oldest boy turned 9, I know it isn't quite 10 or double digits yet.  But still it is still mind blowing that he is getting so big and old. I had a lot of fun today celebrating his birthday and I hope that he did too. Mostly because we did things somewhat differently this year. We actually started all of the celebrating at midnight. Yep we totally did. We actually didn't have his cake … [Read more...]

I have to have a Nintendo DSi XL

We actually just got one for Wes for his birthday and I have to say, I LOVE IT! For the little bit of time that he actually let me play with it, I immediately demanded that they get me one for Christmas. I like that it had an internet browser, the bigger screens, and of course the two cameras with the ability to upload pictures to your Facebook account. And that was all before I actually got to … [Read more...]

Who else is dreading Back to School Shopping?

I have no idea why but for some reason I am just feeling so intimidated by it. And it is not as if I it is my first year, it is my fifth year of buying school supplies for my own kids. But for some reason the thought of it is feeling very ominous right now. I will get over it though I suppose. And despite my dread I have decided that I am not going to be one those parents that at about a … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – As Random As I Want To Be

Somebody should stop me, I have been listening to hardcore and gangsta rap, and that just gives me all kinds of weird ideas. For example I have been considering posting all of my status messages on Twitter and Facebook as lyrics from Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle album (it is my most favorite rap album ever, and I don't listen to a lot of rap unless I just feel like it), but that could just get all … [Read more...]

It could make me a better cook?

Very soon like hopefully next month soon, I want to start back to college to finish getting my degree. It has become my ultimate goal at this point and to get it done, and then make sure my kids go when they are old enough. So my decided major is to finish getting my teaching degree and I have decided that to leave my options open I would do a degree plan that would allow me to teach from Early … [Read more...]

Galveston July 10, 2010

My sister, my friend and I are trying to make it a yearly thing to go down to Galveston to the beach every year. So all three of us and all the kids load up and go down. The kids love it and we love it despite that even with sunscreen most of us always get burned. We had a ton of fun and it actually wasn't too terribly hot. And despite the fun we had we were really hoping that we would not … [Read more...]

Of Course I Didn’t, Never Ever Do Crazy Stuff

So my older son is always known as just asking the most random questions and always asks about twenty questions until he is satisfied with the answer and/or answers. Well yesterday on the way home from skating he starts asking stuff. W:  Hey mommy. Me: Yeah? W: When you were a kid did you ever do anything crazy? Me: Oh no of course not. (Looks at window to keep snicker to self, … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday -Help Me! This kid won’t let me go.

[Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday – Water Dance, Maybe I Think

(These pics were all taken back to back. And in hindsight a video would have been hilarious. Cause he was hopping around like crazy. My Silly Daredevil Boy this one is.) … [Read more...]