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Secret Life, His 18th Birthday, School Is Crazy – Random Tuesday Thoughts

I have just started watching 'The Secret Life of the American Teenager' on instant view on Netflix. And I am just puzzled if this how teenagers really act these days, it scares me as a mother. I really don't want my kids to grow up and be like that, but oh well that does not stop my obsession with this show. My son will be 10 this year however it has not stopped he and I from deciding that we … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – My Ears Will Not Quit Ringing

And it is all good. I went to a concert last night in Houston to see 10 Years at the Scout Bar in Houston. Even though it was crowded like crazy it had to be one of the funnest shows I have been too. I will have to get all of the pictures off of my sd card and share some on my blog. My only complaint is I almost, just almost feel like my age is catching up with me by staying out until 3 in the … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – My Internet Provider Sucks

' Yes, they suck a big fat something.  And I have not had internet at my house since 10 a.m. yesterday and am going through serious withdrawals. But for now I will suffer at Starbucks and drink a Latte while I use their free internet. See this is me drinking my latte at Starbucks: I also even got my eyebrows done Saturday they look awesome don't they?  Now if that wasn't random I don't know what … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – Who Wants A Kitten?

I will admit this one early but my cat has managed to get loose more than once and each time I have found her there has been a tom cat nearby. At least I am hoping that little cute kittens are easier to find homes for than stinky puppies. Jason's dog on the other hand is on my bad list, I wear my flip flops around the house and every single time I slip them off he jacks them. I like to liken more … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – I Should Be Writing An Essay

But instead I am writing this. So it will be all good, I just need a rough draft for this afternoon. I am promise I am totally working it out in my head. I also just totally cleaned my carpet and now my oh so smart dogs (get that sarcasm there) have now destroyed a dog toy all over the floor. I am about to tell them where they can stuff the stuffing. I totally turned 31 on Sunday, and had a … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – I Write My Random Down

Well good morning and happy Tuesday. I am thinking we can all just be glad that its not Monday. I know I am though my poor youngest is home sick with me today. And then the fact that it will not quit raining is driving me crazy. I am so tired of the rain and cold weather. Since I have been away from home a lot more lately which totally goes against my hermit nature. I have been jotting down … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – Caffeine And I are cool like that

I start my first college class today in like 7 years or something. I am kind of nervous as hell about it. Though I am sure I will prevail. I only have one class today, way better than the tree tomorrow. I have College Algebra tomorrow, does it make me a nerd that that is the one class that I am excited about? I thought my cat was done trying to eat me, she hasn't been tenderizing my arms much … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – I like to sleep, so why doesn’t it like me?

Seriously sleep does not like me. I slept like 1 hour between Sunday morning to Monday night and was so tired but could not go to sleep. It was probably because I was out of Tylenol PM and I am sure the cashier at Walmart thought I was crack as I was buying AMP (an energy drink) and Tylenol PM together. And no of course I didn't take them at the same time. I just had to have that Amp to make … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – I Don’t Think There Is Enough Caffeine

Clearly this morning I was woke up far too early and there just is simply not enough caffeine to wake me up.  So either not enough caffeine or my nightmares have come true and I have been turned into a Zombie.  Which in itself would just be really cool because that could be niche on my pretty much niche-less blog, I got going here. I could be the the first ever blogging Zombie! That would be … [Read more...]

Random Tuesday Thoughts – Taking Funny Pictures

I don't know about all you folks but I am seriously glad that Christmas is over, it just gets too freaking stressful is all I am saying. Maybe I will plan better next year, though I most likely won't. I always say that and never do. But I can say that I am super ready for 2011, and no I am not planning to get wasted on New Years. I thought about it and decided that it probably won't happen.  I … [Read more...]