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Small Talk Six – Movies I Would Like Back My Time For

More than once I have had the misfortune of watching a movie and wishing that I could get back the 1 hour or longer of my life that it took to watch it. The Crow Wicked Prayer, I loved the first two this one was terrible. Wing Commander - Yikes pathetic. Any movie directed by Uwe Boll, he likes to make video game adaption movies terrible. So funny that Blizzard absolutely refuses to let him … [Read more...]

Small Talk Six – Why I Would Be Doomed?

If I were stranded on a deserted island I would probably be dead by the time it takes a person to starve or maybe even before depending on if there are like poisonous plants, big animals, and junk like that.  Nature and I are just not like that and don't get along so it would be ugly.  Maybe before they shipped me to it I could watch reruns of Gilligan's Island or Survivor or something along those … [Read more...]

Small Talk Six – 6 unconventional things to have a party for

Ah yes there is always that thing that is either taboo or people just don't celebrate.  So here is my list of things that maybe people could or sometimes should celebrate with a party. Divorce!  Yes sometimes they are a good thing. Getting fired from a job.  If the job really sucked. Pets birthday.  Yes my kids did cake and everything once. Your friend breaking up with their horrible ex (kind … [Read more...]