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Thursday Thirteen – 13 Things I Can’t Live Without!

 I can't remember if I had made this list before, but if I did I apologize. But who knows maybe it has changed some. I decided I would make a list of things that I would absolutely go crazy without. And yeah forgive me if some of the things are superficial. Wes and Hal! Cortana and I guess Peaches. Pizza and Chinese food. Books Good music. My Chi My blog Diet Dr. … [Read more...]

TT – My Guilty Guilty Pleasures!

I am such a freak I had to put guilty twice just to make them sound all bad and stuff. When really they aren't so bad but these are things that if I didn't have the pleasure of having the world would totally end as I know it. It is sad really. Pizza iPod touch texting on my cellphone FanFiction Chi flat iron Rock Band Everything Twilight Fingernail Polish Star Trek AFI facebook band … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen – I would rather ______, than be sick!

Myself and my youngest son both currently have the flu, thankfully it is just the regular flu and not the swine flu.  And while my mind is semi coherent I thought of a list that I would rather do than than be sick that I wouldn't normally do.  So here goes! Give birth.  When my kids were born it was only a matter of hours and it was over.  This has been going on for two weeks. Be in the place … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen – My Favorite Video Games

If there is one thing I love its my video games.  It is a very common thing to come over to our home and see one of us playing a game or watching someone else play.  Though maybe I am a bad mommy because I already have a 3rd grader who loves his World of Warcraft very much.  But I am good about limiting when he plays and he the plus is he is an all A student in the Gifted and Talented program, so … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen – 13 Random Facts About Me!

Last week was my first and I didn't really post anything about me other than my taste in music.  Well this week I am going to do some random things about myself personally.  Maybe it won't prove that I am a complete weirdo. I am left handed I play video games fairly often I spend too much time reading FanFiction online I read manga online when certain series come out I played soccer in high … [Read more...]

Thursday Thirteen – 13 Songs I Can't Quit Listening To!

header bySamulli I am a complete music junky and when I find something I like I tend to listen to it over and over again a lot.  So on this weeks Thursday Thirteen I decided to make a list of some songs I have been listening to recently the most.   And as you can tell there are a few different genres there that I listen to.  However be very surprised by the Dixie Chicks song, they are like the … [Read more...]