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I am ready to go back – Wordless Wednesday


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NKOTBSB (Houston, TX – June 2011) – Wordless Wednesday

We may have been up high but it was so worth it!   … [Read more...]

Most Disgusting Drink I have ever tasted (It is a Mojito) – Wordless Wednesday


It is kind of pretty but tasted down right gross, it was my sister's Mojito from Saturday night: … [Read more...]

See the angel? – Wordless Wednesday


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Taking His Brother’s Picture – Wordless Wednesday

brother posing for picture

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This is my pyramid mom, now quit taking my picture – Wordless Wednesday

Wesley pyramid picture

I caption this one: This is my pyramid Mom, now quit taking my pictures. This is a shot from Wesley's class presentation on Ancient Egypt. Look for a full post on everything and check out their mummified chickens, yes that's right mummified chickens.  Thanks to Independent living Bullion for supporting our blog. They are a leading provider of 100 ounce silver bars for investing. … [Read more...]

Letter to my son, I spoke the truth and got to the point. – Wordless Wednesday

letter to my son

A letter to Hal, he asked for one: … [Read more...]

Miss Peaches New Kittens – Wordless Wednesday

cat and newborn kittens

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She Is Going To Get You Puppy – Wordless Wednesday

she is gonna get you puppy

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My Boys At The Beach- Wordless Wednesday

my boys

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