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I just had some relaxing time to myself and watched the movie Premonition with Sandra Bullock and Julian McMahon. I felt like it had a really good story even though the ending is kind of bittersweet. I would suggest that everyone check it out especially people who may be in a difficult or unsure situation with a relationship. One that is worth saving of course. ~Sharon … [Read more...]

Blood and Chocolate

I just watched this movie on dvd about a loup-garou (also known as a werewolf) and a human who fall in love. The movie is basically about them trying to get away from her family and the fact that she is supposed to be chosen by the leader of the pack to become his mate, she didn't want to be with him anyway. But that all changes when Vivan (the loup-garou) meets Aiden and everything sort of goes … [Read more...]