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Now the cats are plotting my impending heart attack

I know I spoken about how my cat Peaches is trying to chew my arms off at night. Well my kitten Sookie, Peaches baby that is 6 - 7 months old now is trying to give me a heart attack. For real. I was putting up laundry and then there is movement at the top of my closet out of the corner of my eye. My heart totally stopped. She was up in the very top of my closet looking down at … [Read more...]

Clearly My Cat Is Trying To Drive Me Insane Now

Okay before anyone says anything I know that she can't help it. But it still doesn't mean it doesn't make me want to stab out my eardrums any less. So in the past I have went on and on about how my cat is trying to kill me in my sleep or in the very least chew off my arms.  Well now she is in "heat" for the very first time and it is not fun for any of us. It is not fun for me, the kids, or … [Read more...]

I Think My Cat Is Planning On Eating Me For Dinner

This my cat, Miss Peaches, that I have posted about many times before, in this picture I think she is stalking me and sending evil vibes. All I was doing here was innocent work on the computer you know like looking at porn Facebook and stuff.  I look over and this is what greets me, she looks kinda psycho here or thinks she is better than me. So there can be only two conclusions: 1. She … [Read more...]