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Peru Top Tourist Attractions

You are looking for a wonderful winter trip, but are still confused by so many “must sees”? So what do you really want out of your winter vacation? Winter sports are “cool,” and tropical beaches are “hot.” Both are exciting, but if you desire a trip that is really fresh and where you can gain useful experiences, Peru is an ideal destination for you. Especially if you are into nature and … [Read more...]

Three Common Causes of Accidents in the Workplace

It's a quite incredible fact that in the last decade over 300 million working days have been lost in the UK due to work-related injuries and illnesses. What's more, the latest data from the Health and Safety Executive reveals that while the overall number of lost days has been in decline, the total actually went up in 2011/12, increasing the number of people who could be in line for work accident … [Read more...]

Music Provides Children More than a Melody

by: Claire Haas, Vice President of Education, Kiddie Academy As parents, we know the power of music. We sing to our children to make them smile, to help them go to sleep, and to get them to clean up their toys. But, the impact music has on cognitive and social development in young children is staggering. Several studies by the American Association for the Advancement of Science based at … [Read more...]

Finding Auto Insurance Quotes

We have been with the same auto insurance company for years, but I've never been particularly impressed with their service. Our rates kept going up, and it was hard to get a real person on the phone when I had a question or needed to file a claim. Last year, I decided that we needed to research other car insurance companies. However, I'm a working mom with three kids, so I did not have a lot of … [Read more...]

Fitness goals

Since 2012 started one of my biggest themes of the year has been to get my body into shape and to make myself more healthy. And honestly in my mind I have hit these goals running. Well not literally running because truthfully I have never been much of a runner if it was anywhere but a soccer field. However my new outlook on fitness has got me into looking at all kinds of different fitness … [Read more...]

A World Without Magnets

It's hard to believe it, but magnets play a central to today's life. To understand, take a glance at the appliances in your kitchen! But, even the amount of devices in your home don't scratch the surface as to how many magnets are actually in our lives. Think about all the man made things that contain magnets and take time to appreciate these machines. World Without Magnets Graphic by … [Read more...]

Why stay in a holiday cottage?

Ever seen the Cameron Diaz movie The Holiday? Didn’t it make you want to stay in a holiday cottage in the UK! There are holiday cottages all over the UK that are just like the cottage in the movie –cosy, quaint and perfect for a holiday to the UK. Plus there are cottages of all sizes so you can easily find a property that will be perfect for you and all your family. Check out sites like … [Read more...]

Sponsor Life With Sharon to BlogHer 2012! #blogher12

So guess what? I have my BlogHer '12 ticket but am having a bit of trouble getting there. I would love to represent your brand during BlogHer by giving you shout outs via Twitter, posting about your brand on my blog and by advertising. All while being at the biggest blogging conference known to woman! Awesome right? Well I have a few different options available for those wishing to get me to … [Read more...]

Tria Blue Light Review Part 2

I started using blue light acne treatment from Tria about two months ago which can be seen here. My acne problem is usually sporadic and only usually occurs during that certain time of the month. The Tria Blue Light works by eliminates acne-causing bacteria, leaving skin clear, radiant, and healthy looking. Which I love because that is how I wish my skin would always look. Here are some more … [Read more...]

éclos Skin Care Review and Giveaway #giveaway #EclosBeauty

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of éclos Skin Care for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I love to try different skin care products to find the right one form so I was very excited to try éclos Skin Care this time. I was able to try this fabulous kit: The éclos Skin Care kit contained: • Facial Cleanser Skin Prep • Cellular … [Read more...]