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My Kid Can Totally Milk a Big Plastic Cow!

Heck yeah he can! With the best of them! And this picture totally proves it. Totally better than your kid can. Ah, maybe he can maybe he can't. Not that anyone can actually milk a plastic cow with fake udders, but you know my kid would rock at it. He would just pretend it is some kind of video game. Yeah that's what he would do. Anyway this picture was taken at his field trip that we had the … [Read more...]

Riding In Style

Hopefully sometime in the next few years I will get to go to New York, its a place I have wanted to go to for as long as I remember. And when I go I want to make sure that I have a reliable and safe way to get around. A limo service Manhattan would be great and hopefully in the budget, maybe we can get a limo if we decide to go out for a nice night for dinner and a show, which would be … [Read more...]