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Fitness Update #2 {A Little Too Much Information}

So I have done really good about working out except the last two days. And I promise there is a perfectly good explanation for not. Because seriously who ever feels like working out when it is that time of the month? Ok now that is my bit of too much information. I have not gotten around to taking those measurements due to being bloated up like I am pregnant. Which at this point in the game … [Read more...]

Lazy Day All Around

Today has to be one of the most boring Saturday's we have had in a while. All we pretty much did was stay at home and sit around. I did go to hell Walmart this afternoon and even ran/walked 2 miles this morning. I am so getting back into working out. Gotta lose some extra weight. So I am going to work on that by walking/running and getting back into my Wii Fit and EA Sports Active. I also … [Read more...]

Wii Fit Fitness Journal

I was one of the crazy people who actually went out and bought the Wii Fit the morning it came out, I had been dying for one since I had read about it.  Well I have bee kind of lazy about using it actually when I logged on this morning I hadn't used in 26 days, yikes I know.  Well I am determined to lose this weight that I have gained since going back to working in call centers and at home 2 years … [Read more...]