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My Top 5 Work At Home Job Tips

I have been a work at home mom or WAHM for the most part of the last 4 years. Most of that time has been spent doing phone work for different companies. And no not that kind of work! Yeah, I know what your thinking. I did tech support for nearly two years for an internet provider and took order phone calls for another company. Now days I mostly look for a job and blogging is now my work at … [Read more...]

Interesting Work at Home info

Since I spend tons of time online I recently came across a very interesting page on a blog with some work at home information that I found very helpful especially for people who are just getting started, and people are looking for something else for extra money. Included on this page are tips and jobs of different types. ~sharon … [Read more...]

Working at home

This is something that I should have been posting about for a while now, but just never got around to it.  I have been working at home part time sometimes even full time hours on top of my full out of the house job for over a year and half now.  Well back in April I received the opportunity to work full time from home every week(before I just couldn't gurarantee the hours).  There are so many good … [Read more...]