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I should be writing a research paper

Well I am almost finished with my second semester of college since I have went back. I have some papers to turn in and then two finals to take and I will be all done until January. At this moment however I should be writing a research paper on the novel As I Lay Dying, but for some reason I cannot concentrate and instead I am watching The Hangover Part II. Yeah, I know I am being extremely … [Read more...]

Well I Just Finished My First Semester Back

And I totally think that it calls for a big gigantic margarita, really. And yes I purposely overdid those adjectives. I really feel pleased with myself, to have gotten back into it and for doing what I feel like is well for not being in school in over 8 years. So I have one semester down and several more to go. Especially since I switched majors and am basically starting over. I have decided … [Read more...]

A Month Left In The Semester

My first semester back in college will be over here before I know it. It has been a whirlwind for me getting used to going to school myself and taking care of the boys and taking care of their schooling. I can honestly say though that I love it though and do enjoy learning and going back to school. In fact I have already set up my classes for next semester and will actually be doing a few … [Read more...]

I Survived The First Week

So I mentioned several times over the past couple of weeks in posts that I was going back to finish my teaching degree. Well the first week is over and honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed. But I think that once I get back in a rhythm and everything it will be all good. I did take a diagnostic test in my Composition class this week and did really well in spotting errors. Though on my essay I … [Read more...]