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Getting excited about gas prices kinda makes me think I am getting old

Recently I talked about my adventures gas comparison shopping, and at that time gas prices were crazy and I was spending over $40 for a tank in this little car: This car gets great gas mileage(like over 30 mpg) and has a like only a 12 gallon tank, so everyone could maybe picture my what the hell moment when it cost over $40 to fill it up. To me it was just crazy, but I am truly excited to say … [Read more...]

My kids have no taste, I mean for real

So I am sitting here and decided that I was going to watch some instant view Netflix. I noticed under revenge movies (yeah that was the genre that came up on my Xbox 360 menu choices) and since I am a chick, I instantly perk up at the word revenge. Seriously, what chick doesn't like the idea of revenge? Anyway, I was browsing the list and the first Mortal Kombat movie caught my attention. I … [Read more...]

Would You Hold It Against Me?

If I admit that I am excited for Britney Spears new album this week. Well because I am, I may be into loud metal music but I will always be a fan of Britney, no matter how big of train wreck she is or more accurately at this time was. I will be getting her new album Femme Fatale this week and do like both of her  singles that have come out for it so far. Here is the 'Hold It Against Me' … [Read more...]

I couldn’t think of anything to blog today

I really couldn't. And here it is 15 minutes till midnight and I am trying to whip something out to keep my posting everyday in 2011 going. And I must have looked at dozens of writing prompts and none of them appealed to me at all. The only things that I could think of were Midget Wrestling, Abba, and Zombie Apocalypse preparation. Obviously because those are all very important things. … [Read more...]

I Admit It, I Am A YA Novel Addict

Cover via Amazon And honestly I don't really care what anyone thinks but on the other hand being the only one my age in YA section of  a book store can be kind of awkward. Though I could think of it this way, if they need any advice on the good ones that are getting popular again, I could so tell them. I mean come on I read 'The Vampire Diaries' in the 90s, way before there was a TV show. … [Read more...]