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Little Black Dresses

So I mentioned to some fellow bloggers this week that I was going to a blog even this week and had no clue what to wear. Well one of the bloggers told me that I should wear a LBD, but I sadly had to say that I seriously did not own a single little black dress. And since I do not have the time to go buy one this week or to order one and have it shipped to me I decided to put together a Polyvore set … [Read more...]

Wearing Old Navy Best Tees

As a mom, blogger, and college student on the go there isn't anything that I love more than being comfortable. But of course I want to look great while I am comfortable as well. And truthfully because I am a mom sometimes jeans and tees are my fashion staple. Because of this I am an Old Navy addict. Old Navy jeans are my favorite especially the Flirt jeans but recently I got to try out a new … [Read more...]

Shoes That Sparkle

shoes that sparkle by sharon-rose-mayes featuring star shoesUGG Australia wrap boots$339 - mytheresa.comConverse star shoes$50 - macys.comJimmy Choo sparkly heels€1.050 - veryeickhoff.comSparkly shoes£75 - heels$375 - jildorshoes.comGotta flurt sneaker$250 - … [Read more...]

China Glazes: The Hunger Games Capital Colours Collection!

Okay so I know China Glaze's The Hunger Games CollectionCapital Colours nail polish came out a week ago and I was excited about it but I wasn't able to get to Sally's until today. And I can honestly say I wish I would have gotten out sooner to get some of this polish. I only got 4 of the shades today but I cannot wait to get the other 8 shades since there are 12 total. I picked up the shades … [Read more...]

My new favorite shoes TOMS Sequins!

I went and picked up this pair of TOMS shoes this weekend. And I can honestly say that I am in love. They are comfortably and best of all SPARKLY! I picked out the pewter sequin pair and love how they shine. I also love that every time you buy a pair of TOMS they donate a pair to a child in need. Of course that makes them even more awesome. I also picked up new pairs of shoes for both of the … [Read more...]

Trying to get the Christmas Spirit

This year I have had the most difficult time getting into the Christmas Spirit. I have bought presents, put up a tree, watched Christmas episodes of favorite TV shows. Glee anyone? But I have just been feeling so blah about it all. And it didn't help that for some reason this year there seemed to be no room for our gigantic 7.5 foot Christmas tree or the fact that it is the kind you have to put … [Read more...]

Relax and work

Yes that is one thing I can do, I do that by taking my laptop and heading out to Starbucks for a Skinny Vanilla Latte and getting things done. Now if only Starbucks had a play area I could take the kids. Usually though I go in with a to-do list written on paper and then try my hardest not to be distracted by the people sitting around or coming in and out or be distracted by other factors such … [Read more...]

I love my kindle and love The Hunger Games

I have honestly been drooling over the Kindle for pretty much ever. So when Amazon advertised that they had lowered the price on the Kindle keyboard and were coming out with new ones. I was completely obligated to get one. I have no complaint at all about it, I am very much in love and we will be happy together for a long time to come. I make it sound like I am married to it. I just *heart* it … [Read more...]

I might have a little problem – yes, another pair of skull socks

I think I might have a little problem. Maybe it is not that big of a problem but it really comes out around Halloween especially. I just can't help it. I love to buy stuff with skulls on it! A few months ago it was a pair of slippers.  I also have multiple pairs of socks and even a Just Jen shirt with a skull on it. I just can't help it. So last night when I was going to check out at Old … [Read more...]

I love my car and it’s MPG!

I know it is not as great as a hybrid for example but while driving lately I have been getting between 34 and 35 miles per gallon! I can't help but to think that is awesome. It also puts all of the thoughts of getting an SUV into the very back of my mind because even though I have to carry kids, I am so glad that I don't spend all of that money on gas! … [Read more...]