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My best deals at Marshalls for Back to School!

Are you part of that 25% of moms who back to school shopping at the last minute? I can totally be one of those even though I try to be done in advance. It just sometimes doesn't always work out that way. I do love however when I do make it into that 60% if moms who are completely done weeks before school does start. Now I will vouch that that is an awesome feeling. I did recently have the … [Read more...]

If I Ever Get Remarried

I have decided that if I ever get remarried that the guy I marry better be prepared. Because this time I will not settle for anything less than my dream wedding. Okay I say that but for love I just might settle. I guess it just comes from being a bit bitter about not getting the wedding I dreamed of. As in no wedding at all. No I am not kidding I got married at the Justice of the Peace and I … [Read more...]

5 Of My Favorite YA (Young Adult) Books I Love – On My Bookshelf

Some of the books on my list I read years ago (when I was technically a young adult) some even more recent than that. One thing is for certain though, is that my taste in books has not changed much at all. I still prefer my books to have some kind of horror, supernatural, fantasy and even a little romance in them. What can I say? I am set in my ways and that is just how I like books, though I am … [Read more...]

So I went out and got a blog helper……

Well actually Miss Peaches gave birth to him, and he kind of made himself my cat now. Miss Peaches is kinda jealous though, so I think it is a win win situation. His name is also Boots,  I think. Because lets be honest pet names around here are always subject to change. He is kinda cute though when he just wants to sit in my lap or cuddle, not so cute though when he flops down on my keyboard … [Read more...]

Whenever I Am At Sam’s Club

I go to Sam's Club fairly often mostly because my sister sells cancer there and J is an overnight TL there. So we shop there and everything. However when I am shopping there I like to tell people that I am at the 'Club', it just sounds so much cooler than hey I am a mom spending way too much money on food for my kids. When I say club it makes people think: "Hell yeah, I wish I was her, she is out … [Read more...]

New Shoes Love

I picked these up a few days ago and I have to say that I totally *heart* them. … [Read more...]

Loving…Panic! at the Disco – Vices & Virtues

Panic! At The Disco is one of my favorite bands, they are one of the only ones that I can honestly say that I love everything that they put out. I recently picked up their new album 'Vices and Virtues' and love the first the single off of the album "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" is one that I really love. Especially the video: [] However it still does not … [Read more...]

Garnier Skin Renew Gel Cleanser Review

I recently bought Garnier Skin Renew Gel Cleanser, and have to say that I love it. I love the brand so that is one reason why I gave it a second glance. And then another was that the bottle says that skin feels smoother in as little as one use. I can honestly say that this is true. My face did feel smoother after the first time and it is getting smoother and smoother as I use it. This product … [Read more...]

I love these slippers

I had some free time this morning and visited Target this morning to basically window shop because I had no real purpose in going in. And one thing I can honestly say about Target is a lot of the time awesome stuff can be found on clearance. Today I found these pink skull slippers for only $3.50 and had to have them. It was Target so they had some other good deals on clearance but this was my … [Read more...]

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – I Am Watching

I have been a fan of both the original Fullmetal Alchimist anime and read the manga as well. It is definitely one of my favorites of all of the different anime I have watched. However Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is like so much better than the original anime. It nearly follows the manga perfectly and it is great. I recently bought volume 4 of Brotherhood on DVD this week and am loving it … [Read more...]