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Slim-Fast Shake Review and a Sephora #giveaway!

I think I may have mentioned it a few or maybe ten times that I am wanting to lose weight. I have recently tried something that I have never tried before, and I kind of shocked myself that I actually did. Mostly because I have weird food habits. I actually tried Slim-Fastshakes! I had chosen the French Vanilla flavor and was pleasantly surprised by the awesome taste.  Slim-Fast recently … [Read more...]

California Wine Club Review and Giveaway

I was really excited recently to try out the California Wine Club. I thought it was so awesome to not have to go shopping to pick up wine. I thought it was absolutely cool to have the wine delivered to the front door.  In my package there was a magazine to the California Wine Clubs Uncorked Magazine that was very interesting and tells stories about the different wines and even has recipes from the … [Read more...]

UPrinting Flyer Giveaway! – #giveaway

Being involved with kids and kids activities I can nearly think of 100s of things I might need Flyer printing for and I do not even work outside of the home.  But whether you need Printing companies to make flyers for the next PTA meeting, Club Flyers for a nightclub, or for your business this giveaway from UPrinting is just what you need. And what is even more awesome is that UPrinting even has … [Read more...]

Mechatar Review and Giveaway! – #CleverRobot #spon

I may have mentioned it a time or two before, my youngest son is a complete and undeniable dinosaur addict. When we go to the library he insists on checking out only books that are about dinosaurs he watches dinosaur cartoons just about everyday. So it was no surprise that he loved playing with Mechatar that we recently got to check out. He was very excited to get his hands on it: As a … [Read more...]

General Mills Cereal Treat Bars: Review and Giveaway #giveaway

We recently had the opportunity to try out Lucky Charms® Cereal Treats Bars and also to try Golden Grahams® Cereal Treats Bars. I can tell you that they were very much enjoyed around here. The kids loved both kids of bars and while I like them both I was a bit partial to the Golden Grahams bars, they had chocolate and well I love chocolate. The Cereal Treat Bars are a snack that you can feel okay … [Read more...]

Keeping Organized with review and giveaway #giveaway

I think I suffer from a problem, a very big problem called chronic disorganization. Well I don't know if that is a real term so I could have possible made that up. But it very much describes me. I seriously have a desk covered in papers and no clear place for everything. For example me desk is a heap of blog post ideas, books, bills, electronics that are all very disorganized. There may even be … [Read more...]

Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Review and Giveaway

I am a coffee addict as frequently evidenced by my pictures of my breakfasts of coffee and flaming hot chips. I honestly can't function with out a coffee beverage at least once a day most of the time more than that. And truthfully the sweeter the coffee the better for me. I recently tried Coffee Mate's new Natural Bliss Creamers. All 3 of them, so I got to do a lot of coffee drinking. They all … [Read more...]

Mixbook Photo Book Review & Giveaway #giveaway

I have been in love with the world of scrapbooking since my oldest son was a baby 10 years ago. Granted I mostly do physical paper scrapbooks I have also done my fair share of browsing and drooling over digital and digitally made scrapbooks as well. Recently I had the chance to checkout and the different services they offered. In particular the photo books, I was able to get one … [Read more...]

UPrinting Postcard Giveaway! #giveaway

In these days of digital life it is always nice to get regular mail well besides bills. Getting a postcard is always a nice change. And UPrinting is here to help with finding the right postcard for you to with many different postcard designs to choose from. I think I would probably send postcards as a quick way to send my thoughts in thanks or to let a friend or family member know that I am think … [Read more...]

Fiber One 80 Calorie Giveaway – #giveaway

The brand new Fiber One 80 Calories cereal has recently hit the shelves in your local grocery story. The all new Fiber One cereal has crunchy wheat and corn puff squares in every bowl of with a light honey flavor to start your morning off right. When I recently tried the new Fiber One 80 Calories Cereal I did enjoy the honey taste the most! Fiber One 80 Calories also has 40 percent of the Daily … [Read more...]