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Decorative Thanksgiving Candle Craft and Shop #GlueNGlitter #CBias

When I was a kid my grandmother was always crafting and making something whether it be something Vacation Bible School, knitting, or even sewing. I also remember her Painters Markers, it seemed like she had every single color there was and my sister and I would love to try and use them. Granted we were children and didn't get to a whole lot. Something about them being permanent and kids … [Read more...]

Day 19 – A Talent of Mine

Honestly, I can't think of any particular talent of mine. Unless you count watching movies and turning what they say into god awful perverted things. I can do that. And I can do that with songs too. Some look at me like I am crazy, my kids dad sits with me and laughs. I call it mad skills. But okay I will choose a more serious talent, I love to alter things. Maybe I am talented at it … [Read more...]

Free Easter Craft Books!

Check out these free Easter craft books! I was looking at them for something fun to do with my kids for Easter and also make some Easter gifts or perhaps decorations for the house.  Because frankly right now I am very unprepared for Easter and  I need to do something soon and free ideas make it even better and easier. … [Read more...]

Altered Scrapbook Cup Project

I recently made this altered this cup project using scrapbook supplies and I used those cups you often see  that you can unscrew the inside and have your kids color a paper insert that comes in it to customize the cup.  I recently purchased one of these cups at dollar tree of all places and fairly surprised by how good the quality of it was.  Because to be honest sometimes you can purchase stuff … [Read more...]

Baby Shower Card

Trying to get back into my scrapbooking and card making. It has always been very fun for me and it is something that I love to do. I had the opportunity to get started this weekend when I had a baby shower to attend. So to get my creative juices flowing I made this card for the gift. … [Read more...]