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I know my kid thinks I have lost my mind

I know my kid thinks I have lost my mind and I have totally accepted it. But that doesn't think that his "are you crazy" looks he gives me doesn't give me satisfaction. Let me just add this though I don't do anything to embarrass my kids in public like wear bright pink muumuus or a house coat. I don't even say anything loud or crazy to them in public unless you count serenading them in the … [Read more...]

Someone broke into their house and stole……… egg?

Seriously? Someone reported to the local police here that they believed someone broke into their home and stole an egg. Calling cops out for an egg worth a whole .50 cents must be serious business, I mean my eggs only cost .15 cents each (yeah I did some math). I knew an elderly woman like that once who seemed rather lonely and while I can't be sure, it seems like she spent most of her time … [Read more...]

Funny Happy Bunny Quotes and Pictures

I love Happy Bunny and all of the different quotes and phrases are always guaranteed to make smile and giggle. Check them all out and tell me which is your favorite. I have always been partial to the "Cute but psycho," I even had a t-shirt at one time with that on it.  I know some people don't care for them but I just love the snarky humor involved. … [Read more...]

Wouldn’t it be a cruel joke if the rapture guy lied about the time?

I think it would be epic really if the guy who says the rapture is going to happen today at 6:00 was lying about the time. Seriously what if six pasts and we are all just sitting around and going back to our normal deviant behavior and then bam at 6:15 it happens and we all burn in hell. Just as we thought we dodged the bullet. It would be kind of funny in a sick twisted way. But I am prepared … [Read more...]

Osama Bin Laden is dead

The news has recently announced the death of Osama Bin Laden with reports and a speech by the President and while the US should be celebrating. Which we should solemnly of course. I can't help but to be a little bit paranoid about it all and be a tad bit fearful at what might happen with his people. Because while we took Bin Laden out While I hope nothing happens and that I am just being … [Read more...]

PSA: Don’t ever forget your tickets to anything

Yesterday I had my own personal FML moment, and for those that live under a rock I mean "fuck my life" moment. Just to make sure you all know. Often enough we attend concerts and shows in Houston, which is about 102 miles from where we live. I can drive there in about an hour and half with good traffic. Well the day started out normal enough and we headed out around noon because we always stop at … [Read more...]

Let Me Find A Good Tree

I will just upfront that the the moral of this is don't say something smartass to me without thinking you won't get a smartass reply back. Seriously. I don't kid about this. What happened is we got into the car this afternoon with no clear destination, we were just going to town. I start to pull out of the driveway and then we have this conversation: Me: Ok, where do you want to go? J: … [Read more...]

11 Year Old Gang Rape In Cleveland, Texas {This Makes Me Sick}

I honestly do not live that far from Cleveland, Texas, it may be an hour drive or so when I drive the speed limit. Which I don't do often. Anyway though that is not the point of this post.  Recently in the last few weeks the gang rape of an 11 year old girl has come to light and the last I read around 17 or 18 men have been arrested. There could have been even more arrested now. This event … [Read more...]

Oscar Nominations {Who I would like to see win!}

I am blogger and being such I have this thing about having opinions about, well everything. So I thought I would share my thoughts on who I think should win at this years Academy Awards or otherwise known as the Oscars. Picture: Black Swan The Fighter Inception The Kids Are All Right The King's Speech 127 Hours The Social Network Toy Story 3 True Grit Winter's … [Read more...]

Parking Lot Etiquette {In a Walmart Parking Lot}

Obviously there really is no such thing as Parking Lot Etiquette, but there is such a thing as being obnoxious. Well anyway the situation that I am going tell about happened a few years ago but a conversation that I was sort of involved in recently made me think of this.  I should have blogged it when it happened but either wasn't blogging then or totally forgot. So anyway we had taken a … [Read more...]