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When I Can’t Sleep, I Blog And Watch Lots Of TV

It is that time of whatever the year? the month(no actually not)? the day? I dunno which but all I know is I can't sleep and have like a hundred things going through my head and am watching lots and lots of Grey's Anatomy on instant view on Netflix. I actually had never watched the show before a couple of weeks ago and am addicted. Incidentally, I also started watching CSI and can't stop thinking … [Read more...]

The Best Tweet Ever

At least to my twisted sense of humor. I knew Jar Jar Binks was the worst character in Star Wars history. But proof is in Jesus Christ tweeting pretty much that he was the door greeter of hell. I think the proof is in the tweet. And yeah as you can see in the picture I so re-tweeted it. Cause it was 4:00 in the morning and in my insomniac state. I thought it was the funniest thing … [Read more...]

I Can’t Sleep, And It Sucks!

And it is probably because I can't quit thinking about stupid stressful things that are going to cause a huge fight in the near future. I hate to fight and I don't want to. But I just want fair. That is all I am saying, about that. But I am thinking that I can't sleep because  I am out of Tylenol P.M and those blessed things make it possible for me to enjoy sleep at night. I have a list … [Read more...]