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E Cigs Socially Acceptable

We all know that smoking is an expensive habit, and it is one of the biggest reasons that most people quit is because of the cost. Electronic cigarettes are a less expensive alternative to regular cigarettes. For example the average smoker will spend around $2190 dollars a year on smoking. While e cigs can cost the consumer on average around $1049.39 dollars. That is a huge savings and electronic cigarettes are half the cost of regular cigarettes on average.

And in addition to the savings difference of electronic cigarettes versus tobacco cigarettes there are also other differences. For example electronic cigarettes taste like your regular cigarettes whether you prefer regulars or menthol. But one thing they don’t do is cause lingering odor. Awesome, right? And this is because there is no traditional smoke or even second hand smoke. It is a vapor that is exhaled that dissipates quickly leaving no smell or residue.

And just think because there is no second hand smoke or lingering odor, electronic cigarettes are more socially accepted. I know I would rather hang around e cigs over regular cigarette smokers any day. Nobody that I know of likes the smell. It is one of the reason why when I was child I hated that my parents smoked. I would go to school smelling like cigarettes and even when I was in high school I was accused of being a smoker because I always smelled like one. Let’s just say I went through more body spray during those days than I like to admit. I don’t know how many times people tried to bum cigarettes off of me because of this. I was so relieved when my parents switched to electronic cigarettes. Relieved for my children too because they didn’t have to go to their grandparents home and smell smoke.

There are a number of reasons to make the switch. The expense and then the fact that electronic cigarettes are becoming more socially acceptable are just a few. So just think of all of the awesome benefits I have outlined above and check them out at:

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  1. Yes,you are right but the cigarettes is not a good habit.Electronic cigarettes is the very expensive with compare to another normal cigarettes.Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Electric cigarettes is very best approach for every smoker.The original cigarettes is very bad effect on the health.i thinks this information is very important for every smoker.Every one of the buzz and buzz surrounding E-cig made created enough interest among the customers and competitors one of many suppliers among the producers.E-cig is very good thing for every smoker.Thanks for sharing this information.

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