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Equipment Every Restaurant Owner Should Have

f you have the desire to open your own restaurant, you’ll need the proper equipment so that you can keep your business running. Here are a few pieces of equipment that will be necessary for your restaurant.

Cooking Equipment

The most obvious thing you’ll need is equipment that will enable you to safely cook food for hungry customers. Mission Restaurant Supply and other restaurant supply services offer commercial ranges, ovens and fryers that allow you to easily prepare multiple meals simultaneously. You will also want to invest in a commercial griddle and microwave.

Cold Storage

In order to keep certain food items fresh, you’ll need a cold place to store them. Freezers and refrigerators designed for restaurants are usually spacious enough to store all meats, dairy products and produce items. Temperature levels in your cold storage areas should be checked regularly in order to prevent any food spoilage.

Payment Processing Equipment

An easy-to-use cash register is essential so that you can accept cash payments and make change with limited hassle. You’ll also want to invest in some equipment that will allow you to accept payments by credit and debit cards. The equipment you order should be capable of printing out receipts with itemized information.

Front-of-House Equipment

The area where your guests enjoy their meals should be furnished with enough chairs and tables for everyone who visits your establishment. Silverware, plates and glassware are other things you’ll want to include in your inventory.

Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning equipment is an essential component to any restaurant setting. Commercial dishwashers are capable of thoroughly cleaning all eating and drinking utensils used by customers. Dish and pot sinks specifically designed for restaurants make it easier to clean items that can’t go into a dishwasher by hand. You’ll also want to make sure you have enough trash cans and cleaning supplies for floors and counters so that you can maintain a sanitary environment at all times.

Running a restaurant can be challenging enough, and you’ll want to be sure that your establishment is well-equipped in order to make things easier on yourself. Many of the essential restaurant items are designed to make it easier for you to prepare meals, handle customer transactions and perform other duties more efficiently.

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