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Food Lover

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m an absolute food lover. I love everything about food. Last year, as my boyfriend and I were sitting at my favorite Italian restaurant, he reached over to me and handed me an odd shaped box. This was definitely not a wedding ring shaped box, but it was an interesting shaped box for sure. When I opened up the top, it was a plane ticket for both of us to go to Italy to gon on a food tour. He had set up places for us to visit and try the various cuisine in several different cities in Italy. I think that I liked this gift more than I would have liked a wedding ring! I needed to make sure my house was safe while I was gone, so I visited http://Securitychoice.Com/ . This made me free to enjoy my trip fully while I was gone- and boy did I EVER enjoy my trip! I think I may have gained 8 pounds, but I could care less. Ciao baby!

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