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Garnier Skin Renew Gel Cleanser Review

I recently bought Garnier Skin Renew Gel Cleanser, and have to say that I love it. I love the brand so that is one reason why I gave it a second glance. And then another was that the bottle says that skin feels smoother in as little as one use. I can honestly say that this is true. My face did feel smoother after the first time and it is getting smoother and smoother as I use it.

This product has also rounded out my daily skin care routine really well. I was even able to get my sister to try it out as well and she also said that she felt a difference after she used it as well.

It is also very easy to use. Since it has a built in  brush all you do (of course after you twist the top) squeeze the cleanser out onto and rub onto your face in a circular motion and then rinse. So it is relatively easy to use. And your face feels awesome after your done.


This product is only around $5-7 a bottle so it will not kill your pocket book. I also found that has some coupons available for an assortment of Garnier products including Garnier Skin Renew Brusher Gel Cleanser. Just click on the graphic below and easily find the coupons under personal care.
My disclosure is that I purchased this item myself and wanted to share it with because I love and all opinions are %100 my own.

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  1. I used to use Garnier for shampoo and conditioner.Never heard of this. thanks for sharing

  2. MelodyJ says:

    I’m really loving Garnier skincare right now. I have the Moisure Surge Cleaner and The Expert Exfoliator. I just wish Garnier sold more of their products in the US. I went os ome of their sites for other countries and we are really missing out. I will check this product out. Thanks!

    • I will have to check out the ones you are using, I can’t say enough awesome things about the Gel Cleanser though.

    • MelodyJ says:

      I typed the name wrong. It’s Moisture Rescue. I love the cleanser and scrub I’m using now. I’m going to get the one you are using the next time their is a sale or coupon. I’m also expertimenting with some of Garnier’s lotions and creams.

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