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Glasses for my boy

When my oldest son got his first pair of glasses in the first grade, I felt bad about him having to get them. But I wasn’t surprised either that he needed them.  I got my first pair in the 3rd grade and while mine are mostly for reading, his dad however can’t see without his glasses or contacts. I will have to say though that he has done excellent with them and we have rarely had any mishaps with them. Not like all of the wild incidents my parents had with me breaking and losing glasses. Because I did that a lot.

I however think that my boy looks adorable in his glasses and even though at 10 he has asked for contact, I know it is not time yet. I think we can wait a while longer and he will continue to look adorable in his glasses.

I am sure before I know it he will be wearing Oakley sunglasses and looking too grown up for me, but until then he will wear his glasses and be my 10 year old boy and wear his adorable glasses. He will just think he is too grown up for his mom to take pictures of him.

He will just have to understand that he will never be too old for his mom to take pictures of him or too old for his glasses.

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  1. He does look very cute. 🙂 You’re right too — Oakley will hook him up quite nicely. 🙂


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