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Godzilla, huh

Lately my youngest child in particular has been obsessed with all things Godzilla, the especially the old one movies. You know the ones where the speech does not match the peoples lips. He even watches an animated series he found on instant view on Netflix.

Well this afternoon in the car an argument interrupted in the car between the two boys one says that Godzilla is just a giant lizard and the oldest makes claims that he is a cross between a stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex. I thought this was hilarious and asked him so they bred a those two dinosaurs and made Godzilla. The one making the claims said hmmm I guess.

So to be funny I said so they didn’t in a science lab with dna from each one.

Of course my super smarty pants kid said no actually the man who created Godzilla was flying over the water in Japan and thought about a giant lizard coming out of the water.

Of course I asked how he knew this and he informed me that he read it in a book. He is just so smart but sometimes his logic drives me crazy. I just want to scream and say just play pretend sometimes you nine kid.

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  1. I stumbled upon this post this morning, and you brought a smile to my face! My 5 year old is… dare I say… obsessed with Godzilla. Just today he had me make Godzilla cookies for his preschool class. He had a Godzilla themed Birthday party. He also loves all of the old movies and cartoons, courtesy of the netflix roku box. He thinks that Godzilla is 100% real, and wants me to bring him to Japan, where Godzilla lives. I think he will be more upset to discover that Godzilla isn’t real then Santa Clause! LOL!!

    Thanks for making me laugh!

    • Oh, I am all too familiar with these Godzilla arguments as my 5 year old (soon to be 6 year old) is completely OBSESSED with Godzilla and his dream is to go to Tokyo and Monster Island to meet Godzilla and all of the monsters. His Birthday is soon approaching and of course he would like nothing better than a Godzilla themed party. I would be happy to get any ideas or suggestions to make his party a memorable one. Thanks 🙂

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