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Hard to believe he is 9 now!

Today my oldest boy turned 9, I know it isn’t quite 10 or double digits yet.  But still it is still mind blowing that he is getting so big and old.

I had a lot of fun today celebrating his birthday and I hope that he did too. Mostly because we did things somewhat differently this year. We actually started all of the celebrating at midnight. Yep we totally did. We actually didn’t have his cake ready or any of that stuff but we went ahead and did presents.

I am guessing that this was his favorite gift out of all of th,m.

I really don’t think he has put it down other than to play with his other gifts, when he slept and when we left the house.

And then after sleeping late today I don’t think we all work up until after noon. I realized that we were going to have no time at all to make a cake like we had planned too.  So before everyone woke up I ran to Sams and picked up a cute little cake surrounded by cupcakes.

I even let Hal write his big brothers name on it since we are not masters of cake decoration in this house.

He loved his cake and his little brother’s handiwork in the decorating department.

I just hope he had a wonderful and Happy Birthday!

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