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Have you thought about the crisis in Syria?

If your heartstrings ache at the thought of the Syria crisis and children in need, you no longer have to worry. Now there’s a way you can make a difference for refugee children in Syria. Refugees typically have to leave their homes with very little notice. Oftentimes they leave without any of their possessions. This means that not only are refugee children in Syria homeless, but they also do not have clothing, foods and often, money. This can be a scary and terrifying time especially for families who no longer have an income or a place to live. While many Syrian families are able to seek refuge in tents, there are still many daily needs that Syrian children have. One way you can make a difference in the life of a Syrian refugee child is to make a donation. A donation will help feed, clothe and house children in need. Additionally, money will also be used to provide pencils and exercise books to children so they can continue their lessons even while displaced. This makes a huge difference in their lives since the more educated a child is, the better chance he has of living a successful life as an adult. If you’re worried about the cost of a donation, don’t be. You don’t have to give a thousand dollars. You don’t even have to give a hundred. For as little as fifty dollars, you can completely feed, clothe and provide for a refugee family. Fifty dollars will give clothing, blankets, food and other household items a family needs. If you don’t have that much to give, you can partner with a friend to make a donation or simply give a smaller amount. There’s no such thing as too small of a donation. Every little bit really does help. If you’re interested in making a larger donation to the fund for Syrian refugee children, partner with friends or consider a fundraiser with one of your groups to offer a larger donation. A one hundred dollar donation provides books and pencils to children in need, while a two hundred dollar donation will give over 7,500 biscuits for the children to eat! That’s huge and will truly mean the world to a refugee child in the Syrian crisis.

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