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Housing Guests Comfortably

Whether you plan to have a weekly rotation of house guests or only want to be prepared if your friends drop in unexpectedly, you should be able to house friends comfortably. It’s surprisingly easy, especially considering how few people don’t know how to do so.
Firstly, ditch the pullout couches and never consider buying them. They aren’t comfortable and probably never will be. Every time you sleep on them you feel like you’ve spent the night on a set of cool bunkbeds in a hostel that hasn’t turned their mattresses since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Just get rid of them and forget they exist. There are better options.
The first of those better options is futons. Most of us remember these from our college days and none too fondly. That’s because you got a cheap one that was either handed down to you or was just left in your dorm room by the last tenants. There’s a reason that the previous owners got rid of it. Spend a little extra money and get something with some support and a good amount of cushioning. A cheap futon mattress will break down quickly and become flat and awful to sleep on.
A step up from the futon is the daybed. This is a bed that can become a couch rather than a couch that becomes a bed. It makes a difference since its primary purpose is sleep, they are designed to be more comfortable in that form. These are great if you don’t have the space for a guest room.
If you do have a guest room then I suggest just getting a real bed. I know that seems too simple but I wouldn’t stop there. Upgrade that into a set of full over full bunk beds. Forget about the loft bed that you slept on at camp. Today there are some high end furniture makers creating absolutely beautiful bunk beds designed for adults. By using these instead of a standard bed you are effectively doubling the sleeping space in that one room. This means that you can have more guests without forcing someone onto the couch or making strangers sleep together.
For the best results you should get both a day bed and a set of bunk beds. If you don’t have a guest room, then just use bunk beds in your own bedroom and relive som childhood memories when friends come to visit.

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