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How to get interested in the Soccer World Cup

In the U.S., The soccer World Cup barely registers on the Richter scale. But for the rest of the planet, it’s the biggest deal of all – bigger, even, than the Olympic Games in terms of worldwide TV audiences.

So if you happen to have to take an interest in the event because your other half is really keen – what’s girl to do?

Well the easiest way we’ve found so far to take a really close eye on the Soccer World Cup is to decide which of the guys are the best looking. And every time the World Cup comes around, there are always one or two heartthrobs we didn’t previously know existed!

Of course, there are other easy ways like deciding who’s going to be the competition’s top scorer and having a bet on the outcome. This can be fun and, as things stand, Betfair has Spain’s Lionel Messi (widely regarded as the best soccer player in the world) as favorite. But let’s face it, Messi isn’t exactly a mess, but he’s no Adonis either.

The next listed top-scorer with Betfair is Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo (also regarded by many as the best soccer player in the world). Now Ronaldo comes a lot closer to the real thing for the girls, if you go for that Latin look. He really could have been a movie star in another life.

Or how about French player Yoann Gourcuff? The 27 year-old attacking midfielder who plays his club football for Olympique Lyonnais might well make you hope France get a good run in the competition.

Slightly less “beautiful”, but with rugged good looks is the Spaniard, Gerard Piqué i Bernabeu. Gerard is also 27 and plays his club football as a defender for FC Barcelona.

These guys should help keep you interested – but there could be quite a few more we haven’t seen yet. It’s just a pity you can’t bet on sexiest soccer player as well as top-scorer!




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  1. I just can’t watch soccer. I appreciate that the game requires plenty of talent and that the players are really skilled, however, I like the score to keep ticking over and soccer just doesn’t do that.

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