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Information About Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

If you are in a wheelchair and are looking for dependable transportation, there are a number of different options that are available to you. Wheelchair accessible vehicles simply are vehicles that are modified so that a person in a wheelchair can either be transported in or drive the vehicle. Usually they are fitted with wheelchair lifts or ramps so that it is easy to get into the vehicle. Modern mobility cars and wheelchair vans make it easier for handicapped individuals to live active lifestyles. In this article we will be providing tips on how to find the best vehicle to meet your needs.

Wheelchair Accessible Van Modifications

There are a number of different modifications that wheelchair accessible vans undergo. There needs to be a ramp or lift to assist the handicapped individual with getting into and out of their van. If the individual will be driving the van, then the driver’s seat will need to be taken out and modifications made for accommodating the driver. Also, there needs to be alterations done to the suspension system that account for the wheelchair’s extra weight. The controls also need to be modified. Harnesses need to be installed and the floor needs to be reinforced for wheelchair passengers.

Kinds of Wheelchair Accessible Van

Either a mini van or full sized van can be modified to be a wheelchair accessible van. A mini van is easier to maneuver since it is smaller and is also more fuel-efficient. Vans offer both rear and side entry options.

Other Types Of Vehicles

Mobility cars and sports utility vehicles also can be used to accommodate various needs. Usually sports utility vehicles such as the Suburban or Excursion are larger, so that a wheelchair lift will fit. Some of the more popular mobility cars include the Fiat Doblo, Kia Sedona, Citroen Berlingo, Chrysler Grand Voyager and Renault Kangoo. The cars are smaller, but the same features and convenience are offered.

Other Potential Mobility Modifications

Thanks to advancements in technology, numerous other modifications can be done to wheelchair vans. Some of the most important modifications related to driving include sensitized brakes, sensitized steering, clutch extensions, brake extensions, accelerator extensions and brake hand controls. Other kinds of modifications include raised door extensions, power chairs, grab handles and raised roofs.

Purchasing Or Buying A Vehicle That Is Wheelchair Accessible

When looking for a wheelchair accessible van or car to buy or rent, it is essential to take a close look at what your specific needs and budget are. For passengers, the better option may be rear entry since it provides easier access. Financing options are generally the same as any other vehicle purchase, but you will need to plan ahead to determine how you will pay for your vehicle. You can also rent a wheelchair accessible van or car in most major U.S. cities. A full-sized van will provide greater comfort on a long distance trip. Make sure to rent from a reputable company.

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