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Is there one sport you know loads about?

Is there one sport out there that you’re really into – and that you know more about than the majority of other people?

If there is, then it can be quite good fun to see if you can profit from that knowledge – either as a theoretical exercise only – or for real money using mainly free cash.

Let me explain…

Bookmaking and gambling online is just about the most competitive industry out there. This is why almost all bookmakers offer us free cash and incentives to gamble with them. The same is true, though, of gambling exchanges like Betfair and others, where there is no bookmaker and the odds are, on the whole, a little better.

Now if you can find a sport with predominately binary outcomes (sports like tennis where one of the two players is always going to win a match) and find games where the real chances are 50-50 in your view, but when the odds of one of the participants is greater than even money, then according to the laws of probability, you will “inevitably” win over time.

Other sports make the outcomes more or less even through handicapping – where one team receives a start in points on the other – and the odds are close to evens. Betting on the basketball handicaps on exchanges, for example, can be lucrative over many bets and a long time – but only for those who know the game inside out. A draw is possible, in these situations, given the handicap points gap – but it’s very rare.


by  Silveira Neto 

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