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Keeping Independence

When we are young one of the most important things that we strive for is our independence. We spend many years independent and doing things on our own after we have earned it. Though as we get older our bodies become weaker and that independence can be taken away or severely limited. So again we are back to the struggle of trying to be independent. It is sort of like a circle if you think about it, we get back to where we started nearly.


As an older adult to keep our independence for as long as we can, we may use power lift chairs. These help keep older adults independent and allows them to keep their pride, which is something most of us always have and strive to keep.


Using a Pride Mobility electric scooter for adults shouldn’t damage anyone’s pride. It should be a sign of independence and freedom. A sign that they can still manage on their own and live a full life. Because that is all we want to do our whole lives.


And I know in my personal life as a derby girl that I would love to use a lift chair. After certain workouts my legs can hardly move and when I try to get up I just want to scream. But it is all part of the game and well the next day I will move as good as new. Honestly I think the whole team could use power lift chairs. Or maybe we could use each use an electric scooter.


Honestly though I dream of being as independent for as long as I can when I am older. Which is some years away, but for now, I will be on skates until I am forced to be off of them. And then I will keep a hold of my independence until I can’t any longer.


And when that happens, I will use lift chairs and electric scooters to keep myself going. Because in all honesty when I get older I am going to be one of those fun feisty grannies that we all have.

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